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TrueRec applies blockchain technology to offer trusted digital credentials.
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Why TrueRec?

We live in an increasingly digital world, but until now, credentials were physical documents because the authenticity of digital copies couldn’t be guaranteed.

TrueRec offers trusted digital credentials. Now you can keep all your verified credentials conveniently on your device and safely share them with anyone. Because TrueRec is powered by blockchain, others can instantly verify your credentials with confidence.


Keep all your verified credentials securely on your device, ready to share with others anytime and from anywhere.


You are the sole owner of your credentials. They are stored only on your device.


The validity of your credentials can be instantly verified, giving you credibility.

Getting Started

Begin managing your credentials on TrueRec today!


Request your institution to issue your credentials through TrueRec.


Import your verified credentials to the TrueRec app on your device.


Easily share your credentials from the TrueRec app with whomever you choose.


Others can instantly verify your credentials with a single click.

How It Works

TrueRec uses blockchain technology to instantly verify your credentials while keeping your data secure.


When your institution issues your credential through TrueRec, a digital "fingerprint" (or hash) is added to the blockchain.


We send you the credential as a digital file that you can import to the TrueRec app. Your credential is safe because it’s stored only on your device.


You can securely share your credentials from the TrueRec app. You can share all your credentials or only certain credentials.


Recipients can verify the validity of your credentials by comparing the document against its fingerprint on the blockchain.

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